Thursday, 6 October 2011


In August 2011 I went to the most beautiful island I could ever imagine. Santorini. There were so many wonderful things to see, so many wee streets to explore, so many blue and white buildings, gates, churches, breathtaking views, wonderful crafts, excellent food....The list is endless. Here are some of my favourite photos.

Surely this can inspire me!

Inspiration from recent(ish) holidays

I have been on some fantastic holidays in the last few years and I have collected some excellent imagery along the way.

Barcelona. Olympic Port, Sagrada Familia, a wall, Camp Nou, a building.

Door panes and a beautiful roof opposite the Parthenon

Saddlers at Cotehele

Smeaton's Tower, Whiskey and creels at Anstruther.

More to follow.....

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A new beginning?

Over the past 2 years I have put virtually no effort into my jewellery business with other things taking over my life but I feel it is time for a new start. I am going to re-evaluate every single one of my designs, sell off old stock and make headway into becoming a full time jeweller.

It's a small step but I am planning on starting to sort things out by looking through what inspired me in the first place. My love of colours and patterns found in sweets and baking. During university I took hundreds of photos of cakes I had baked and sweets from old fashioned sweet shops and this proved invaluable to my research. I still enjoy looking at the photos of them.

I am also going to re-visit my old sketchbooks when I can (they are in storage right now) and gain what I can from them!

Watch this space!