Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Thinking too hard

The week started well with a 9(ish) mile walk with Doug, Laura, Rich and Geoff. It is 9ish miles because my Garmin watch ran out of battery at 6.3 miles so we had to guess the remaining distance!

It will end well too with a trip home to Scotland to see family and friends.

Throughout the week I have been busy in the workshop making bangles, bracelets, earrings and rings to accompany my semi precious bead necklaces.

Coral and silver bangle.

Aventurine and silver earrings 

I have also been promoting and networking online as well as ordering some more business cards and more materials. I have decided to add more pieces to my Folksy shop soon too.

I has been a busy week but not entirely satisfying in a way. I got a lot done yesterday for example but reached a certain point where I couldn't decide on anything. I couldn't decide which stones to put on each piece, I couldn't decide whether my pieces were polished enough or if they should be textured or matt or oxidised.

In the end I put down my pinny and left the room.

There are too many thoughts and ideas in my head. I think after our long weekend away in Dundee and Aberdeen I will be able to walk into the workshop on Monday and finish everything.

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