Wednesday, 25 April 2012


What a weekend! I will get the 'bad' news out of the way first, an incident we are calling 'Twittergate'

Last Friday night someone I follow on Twitter got hacked and somehow I also got hacked. The spammers started posting on my twitter account about weight loss and, as this was linked to my facebook account, the posts also got posted on there!

I could have coped with that but no, they didn't stop there.

Everyone who follows me received several direct messages saying various things along the lines of 'Someone is spreading rumours about you.' and a link. As far as I know the link looks like a twitter page and asks you to log back in after your session has timed out and this is how you are hacked.

This continued throughout the night and I woke up the next morning to several messages from followers and friends warning me it was still happening. Thanks for these by the way guys! I changed my password etc. and it all got fixed. I apologise again now to my followers for the inconvenience.

A few years ago my credit card got defrauded and I have likened Friday nights events to this. Only this was worse. At least my credit card only affected me. I was so upset about everyone receiving messages and worried that people might not realise what it was and get hacked themselves.

I fully expected to login to Twitter on Saturday morning after hardly getting any sleep to have no followers left. I actually had two new followers! This made me feel a lot better as did the spam disappearing after simple steps I took. I have made some great contacts and friends on Twitter and I am thankful that everyone seemed to understand.

If you get any strange DM messages on Twitter/Facebook etc. my advice is not to open them! I found this guide from the Huffington Post on what to do if your Twitter Account is hacked.

My weekend got better when we went out from dinner to Wagamama and then went to see Andrew Lawrence at Embrace arts in Leicester!

Leaving on a positive note, I also added two more £10 items to my Folksy shop.

                                         Ambronite, Peridot and Silver Earrings

                                         Corrugated Silver Earrings

More new gallery news coming soon!

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