Monday, 7 July 2008

Busy times!

I have been making new pieces for some lovely new galleries and outlets as well as some existing ones (details available on my website). I am really enjoying working on my new pieces and just having fun in my workshop at WASPS and at my mini workshop in the spare room. I have started working with semi precious beads and making larger, bolder pieces which have proved to be really popular. The neckpieces are a LOT of work but the more i make them, the more i am prefecting the technique! The best part about these pieces is when combine the beads and the silver together and i can see how the different the various stones make the piece look.

My nylon pieces with silver frames are still as popular as ever and i still love making them especially since i had the frames cast! They are my best sellers and i'm working on a couple of commissions based on these pieces right now. Customers that want a subtler piece of fun, quirky jewellery seem to be drawn to this work.

I am planning to post more work in progress type images as i find these very interesting on other jewellers and craftspeoples blogs. Keep an eye out...

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