Wednesday, 6 August 2008


With the Edinburgh Fringe Festival upon us, for the last few months my Edinburgh suppliers have been asking for more and more of my work. Not that I am complaining but I also have a full time job at Borders Books so spring and summer this year have been really, really busy! I've loved it but I also was in desperate need of a holiday! So I went to Nice, Cannes and Monaco for a week.

Nice is full of very inspriational images from mosaics, gravestones, windows, lamp-posts, parisols...the list goes on. Just walking around the old town in Nice is amazing with the brightly coloured buildings and beautiful shuttered windows.

Some images from the old town

Auer Chocolatier and Tea shop and the Negresco Hotel.

Beautiful skies.

Fort Royal on Ile Sainte Marguerite and the Cathedrale Saint Nicolas in Nice

This holiday was amaxing, I saw some amazing sights such as the Baie des Anges from Parc du Chateau, the red carpet at Cannes and the bright lights of Monte Carlo! High points included having dinner at La Retonde, a carousel themed reataurant in the Negresco Hotel, winning on the slot machines at Casino MonteCarlo and walking around the Ile Sainte Marguerite, an island just off the coast of Cannes.
All in all a great, inspirational, sun filled hoilday!

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