Tuesday, 15 January 2013

8 things I will do aka My New Years Resolutions

I don't usually 'do' New Years Resolutions because I know I won't keep them but maybe if I make them public there is more pressure to keep to them!

I have identified the areas in my life where I feel a change is needed and have come up with some resolutions based on these. This is wordy - be warned!

1. More structure to my day. Working from home means that if you are not disciplined you can waste several hours just by not having a plan. I am currently creating a plan for how my days/weeks/months will look and everything will have its time and place.

2. More, better sleep. This really goes hand in hand with the first point. I have always been a terrible insomniac but having a structured day, when I have risen early and been productive often helps. Getting a run in always helps too.

3. Read more. I have always loved to read but I am a painfully slow reader. I used to work for Borders books and I have so many books from that period of my life that I haven't read yet. Last year I read about 20 books which doesn't sound too bad until you learn that 14 of them were Famous Five books!

4. Watch more films. I don't really watch TV and I don't mind this at all. I would, however, like to watch more films. We have 100's of DVDs and we have decided to watch all the ones that each other haven't seen. That way I will watch movies I might not have put on. I like Jackie Chan as much as the next person unless the next person is my hubby. Should be fun!

5. Try new things. Anything as long as that thing is new! Food, radio stations, authors, music....

6. Cook. My husband is the cook in our house. I always complain about this as my job is simply to chop the veg and do the prep. No more! I am going to insist on cooking once a week!

7. Re-learn French and Spanish. I did French for 6 years at Primary and High School and Spanish for 2 years and I was pretty good at them but now there is no other word but rusty.

8. Run. And keep running. I have enjoyed running for years now and have completed several half marathons and numerous 10 and 5k races. This year will be no different with a 10 mile race already lined up. However, I want to keep running rather than have long periods of 'rest' like last year.

I would love to say I want to travel and do lot's of exotic things but that's not going to happen due to work and family commitments.

Lets see how this works out then....

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