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Sketch for an Acrylic, Cold Enamel and Silver Neckpiece

Some necklaces are showpieces whilst others are just one understated detail within an overall ensemble. My range includes necklaces that fulfil each of these roles.

My acrylic and cold enamel neckpieces are very clearly statement pieces. I wanted to create some big pieces, every element of which I had made by hand. I saw-pierced, heat-formed and drilled each individual element of the neckpieces. For the 'Acrylic, Cold Enamel and Silver Neckpiece', I made some cold-enamel-filled domes and cut out lots of little silver discs. The domes and discs were alternated so each piece had a dome and a disc showing (as you can see in the photo below). Each element was then joined together with sterling silver jump rings.

Detail of Acrylic, Cold Enamel and Silver Neckpiece
For the 'Acrylic, Cold Enamel and Nylon Neckpiece' I half-drilled lots of 'holes' in the acrylic elements and filled them with cold enamel then joined the elements will looped nylon thread.

Detail of Acrylic, Cold Enamel and Silver Neckpiece
I really love these pieces (Both come with matching bracelets shown below. The bracelets are mini versions of the neckpieces) but they are very time consuming and the neckpieces do not sell as well as the bracelets, so I am going to retire these humble statement neckpieces in their current form. I think they are a bit too much of a statement for most people but they look great on!

Photography: Kelly Dearsley

Acrylic, Cold Enamel, Silver and Nylon Bracelets

I am also 'retiring' these wee corrugated and cold enamel dome necklaces, in their current incarnation anyway. I could definitely improve on the neck wires that I used for these, they bend too easily and the kinks are hard to get out of them. I think they might look better on a coloured wire. Something to think about.

Sketch for Corrugated Silver and Cold Enamel Necklaces

Corrugated Silver and Cold Enamel Necklaces

Talking of coloured neck wires, my nylon framed neckpieces are a firm favourite with my customers and with me! They are fun to design and make and the result is a quirky, colourful and simple necklace that has been very well-received.

Nylon Framed Necklace
Nylon Framed Necklace

Nylon Framed Necklace

My only problem with these was that the company who made the coloured neck wires stopped making them and I have had to find a new source. I think I have found some good ones now, so these necklaces will be in my collection a while longer!

Other nylon necklaces I will be keeping in my range include these two looped nylon pieces.  I think they show off the qualities of the nylon really well and they work in different colour-ways too.  

Nylon Looped Necklace

Nylon Loops and Silver Rings Necklace

These fun, simple pieces have proven popular with people looking to add a bit of colour to their outfits but not make a huge statement. 

Enamelled Framed Necklaces
Enamelled Framed Necklace

My enamel work is on hold at the moment while I focus on my other ranges but as soon as I get my kiln firing again I will be working on updating these necklaces, which have attracted a lot of attention. I love using my kiln but I need to increase my skill level before embarking on big projects again. I plan to do an enamelling course at some point.

Enamel and Silver Necklaces

I made a couple of these acrylic and silver necklaces and they both sold. They are fun, light, colourful and simple to make. I have lots of acrylic in my workshop and I really want to make some more of these in different colour-ways, so look out for more pictures of these in the future. 
Acrylic and Silver Necklace
Acrylic and Textured Silver Necklace

I made these next two framed necklaces and a few different versions of them a few years ago and they were very popular. I feel I need to work on the sizing and construction of them but I will continue to make these (they have matching earrings which also proved very popular), as they are colourful and appeal to a wide range of customers.

Plastic Bead Framed Necklace

Anodised Aluminium Framed Necklace

 An early Valentine's Day special! These necklaces and the matching earrings and bracelets are very popular around St. Valentine's Day.  Again, when my kiln is back on I will make some more of these.
Enamelled Hearts Framed Necklace

I have saved the newest pieces until last in this post. I have some beautiful semi-precious stones and have made lots of necklaces from these, incorporating silver 'boxes' and sometimes nylon thread with the stones, to create simple yet striking and often colourful pieces.  They're something a bit different for my range but contain just as much, if not more, of the bright colour you'll find in my other collections.

These new pieces conclude my musings (for now) and my review of necklaces/neckpieces. I couldn't mention every necklace I have made but these were the main contenders and I think that by refining a few of them it will result in a more cohesive range across the board.

Feel free to let me know what you think about any of my pieces.

In the next few weeks I will be reviewing my Wristwear and Ring ranges, so look out for that along with some other posts discussing, among other topics, sentimentality for jewellery and working practice.

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