Friday, 20 January 2012


A long, hard day of work yesterday, lots of paperwork but I was rewarded with this sunset at the end of it. A wee trip into Leicester at lunchtime broke up the day which had started at 8am. I am raring to go now, just waiting on a few tools and materials being delivered.

The view from my workshop.

Today, I tried to update my website but Flash and me don't mix! So I gave up and went into my workshop to sort out my space.

My toolbox was first on my list.

It is amazing what you find in a toolbox you've had for nearly 12 years! I remember at University every term Walsh would come for the 2nd years to pick their tools and I always had to buy something. Usually something I didn't really need. Did I really need 2 of my own ring mandrels in 3rd year? Probably not!

I don't even know what these are! I think they are a carborundum stone, an abrasive rubber polishing block and a stone used to take off fire stain (I can't remember what it's called!)

I found a huge stash of scrap silver which is a bonus.

This is apparently what happens if you fill a jar with excess cold enamel over 8 years then smash the jar!

This most important part of the process, I have my jars sorted out.
Soldering equipment, scrap metal and pliers.

My bench is taking shape now.

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