Wednesday, 18 January 2012


It has been a busy few days here in Newbold Verdon. Doug and I have been busy in the garage setting up our workbenches and clearing out space for the car.
After several trips to the cowp we nearly have a clear floor!

The next step was to set up my work bench. Building proved slightly problematic in that I couldn't remember what it was supposed to look like when built!

After unpacking lot of boxes I have realised that I don't have all my tools down here. My mallet, hammers, doming blocks and steel blocks are hopefully somewhere in my mum and dads house. But I will continue to set up the rest of my tools and equipment.

My blowtorch still works!

The two benches almost set up. It was really satisfying to see everything coming together and for the space to start looking like a real workshop. Doug didn't want to stop setting up for the night even though it was 7pm, freezing and we needed tea.

My kiln, ultrasonic, pickle, barrel and band saw all ready to use.

Today I am going to focus on tidying up in the office space upstairs. It needs some work. I have craft things and teaching materials everywhere. Poor Doug is surrounded in wool and beads while he is doing his college work. I will get quite a lot done today while Doug goes out to buy another bookcase from Ikea.

Busy busy!

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