Monday, 23 January 2012

The postie rang twice.

Today was a day for parcels arriving. First one was from my mum and dad who hunted down my tools that I had left behind by mistake during the move.

My dad is nothing if not efficient, every inch of box is covered in parcel tape!

It was like Christmas! I especially liked my hammer shaped presents.

My big hammer, mallet, ring sizers, mandrel, ring clamp, a vice, soldering iron, steel blocks, doming punches and blocks, disc cutters, hole punches, drill bits, stone setting tools and a few other bits and pieces are all now back in my possession.
I just need to find my steel ruler and get a new borax cone and there will be no stopping me!

If that wasn't enough excitement for one day then there was another knock at the door. A delivery man with my semi precious stones/beads.

I had not ordered from this company before so I was slightly nervous as well as excited as I opened my parcel. Everything seems of good quality and I will be able to make some very effective, striking pieces with these stones.

A great selection of agate, fossil, coral, jade, dyed turquoise,
fluorite, aventurine, chrysotine, and stabilised lapis chrysocolla.

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