Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Peeling paint and steel rods

I am one of those people that goes on holiday or out for a walk and takes photos of tree bark, manhole covers and door handles. I may look a bit odd whilst I am doing it but I now have thousands of inspiration images to inspire designs or that just look good printed out and put on the wall.

My Grandad was a keen photographer, winning prizes and always taking photos of my brother and I when we were small. My parents both love to take a camera out on walks and my dads photography was even featured in the local heritage society calender.

My first camera took 110 film cartridges and it was my pride and joy. We spent every summer holiday in Orkney so it was always a treat to get some new film for my camera and take lots of photos of this beautiful place.

I soon moved up the technology ladder and eventually for my 25th birthday my parents bought me my SLR which I still use to this day.

I may be that person who has her back to the 'real' attraction but I have some lovely photos that no-one else has!

Metal rods in Antigua

Turquoise paint in the south of France

Tree bark in the South of France
A stone wall in Kenilworth Castle

Fox gloves in my mums garden

An old horse box in Leicestershire

Graffiti in Bath

Felled trees in the South of France

The seats at Lords

Beautiful sign in Nice

Steps at Lords

Beer barrels in Leicestershire

A wall in Barcelona

I do also have some beautiful photos of 'regular' attractions which I will be blogging about very soon.

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