Tuesday, 19 February 2013



I am drawing to a close with my re-evaluation of my range of pieces. In this blog post I will be looking at rings. 

My cluster rings are firm favourites with clients, galleries and myself! I started designing them during a Design History lecture. I wanted to make a fun, playful and colourful ring that would move with the wearer. The cluster rings are made by attaching silver domes filled with cold enamel to a ring shank. They make a fabulous jangly noise and are hard not to play with when wearing.

I also make rings with static cold enamel domes. These are great for adding a bit of colour to an outfit. I tend to make these rings with two different coloured domes but I have several with three domes, two different sized domes and a couple with one big dome!

I have developed a limited edition range of pieces using some anodised aluminium sheet I bought in New York, which includes a collection of anodised aluminium and cold enamel rings - they are really vibrant.
As my cluster rings have proven so popular I decided to make a small collection of semi-precious bead cluster rings. These are fun and great for people who like a bit of bling. The semi-precious stones give the rings an element of preciousness too.

My nylon rings have been very well received. I have two main designs, a ring with a coloured nylon loop and a ring with a frame (either square or round) and a nylon loop inside the frame.

I have also made several round 'box' rings with nylon detail. These are great as, when you are wearing the ring all the ends are concealed. They are also very striking and are great for customers who don't want lots of colour in their jewellery.
As well as these main designs I have also made a few variations on them, such as multiple colours of nylon in the rings or different looping methods. 

One ring I've been working on recently is a double loop ring. The ring shank is not soldered together but has tube on the ends, which then have loops of nylon secured through them.

All of my rings can have polished, matt, oxidised or hammered finishes making each piece very different.

My range of rings is still quite small, with variations like colour and the finishes I have mentioned available making it a little bit larger.

When I next blog about my ranges I will be doing a 'round-up' and discussing what I have learnt from this process as I have gone through it.

To be continued.......

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