Thursday, 21 February 2013

Reviewing the situation

Looking at my work as a whole has been great for me. I am separating some of the pieces that don't quite 'fit' or 'work' with my jewellery collection and working on the designs more. Being a designer is all about development, there is no time to stand still. Many of my designs will be staying in my range for years to come, whereas others will be redeveloped and launched as slightly different works.

In the past I have often had an idea for a design but not fully thought about the practicalities of the design and rushed to make the piece. For example I have made brooches that are too heavy or bangles that are too big. Over the nine years I have been in business I have learnt a lot about using the right materials for the job in the right way. I have learnt to be more creative with the materials I have in stock but I have also learnt when it is time to order more raw materials instead of making do with what I have. 

I am definitely going to streamline my ranges. It will benefit my pieces, my business and me. With all the colourful elements and different finishes I use in my pieces, I can make lots of varied pieces without stretching my designs too far and running the risk of compromising the design integrity. I need to be focussing more on quality, not quantity. This way, hopefully I won't be in the workshop at 10pm finishing off pieces.

There needs to be a balance between broadness of design range and design variation. I feel that by concentrating on a smaller range of designs and varying those in colour and finish, I am not limiting my customers or my creativity but focussing effectively. I will be better at making those pieces, quicker and more productive.

The only question is - why did it take me nine years to work this out?

Designers are funny creatures!

Have a look at my original blog posts about earrings, brooches, necklaces, wristwear and rings to see photos of my work, stories behind the inspiration and some sketchbook work.


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